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  • Is There Life on Earth (Sci-fi – Romance)
  • Tone: Into the Wild, Close Encounters, Arrival

*Finished Screenplay

An overworked designer is abducted by a beautiful alien hybrid, through the encounter they forge a unique relationship and an enlightenment that will change him forever.

  • Burden of the Wolf (coming of age/thriller)   
  • Tone: Jaws, Fargo, ET

*Finished screenplay

 When a teen in a small town is killed by a wolf-like animal, four friends of the dead teen work to solve the mystery including the possibility it was a werewolf, while Deputy Samantha Randal navigates the misguided pursuits of the Sheriff and his assault on wolves.

  • Familiar Spirits (Coming of age – Fantasy) ( Stand by Me in a Haunted House)
  • Tone: Stand by Me, Breakfast Club, Stranger Things

*Finished screenplay

A new teen in a small town sneaks out with classmates to spend a night in a haunted house, through the paranormal experience the teens test each others will, build bonds and learn… 

‘We are all a little Jacked Up.’

  • Chang Chang Chaaang (Family Drama – Streaming)
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel with an Asian American Soul Singer
  • Tone: Crazy Rich Asians and The Commitments

*Finished screenplay

Leanne Chang is a successful Asian American accountant who yearns to be a soul singer, but when a sudden family crisis occurs Leanne is expected to abandon her dreams and take care of her traditional Asian family.

  • Blood of Brothers (True Life – Police Drama)
  • Tone: Training Day,  Se7en)

*Finished screenplay

The true life story of a gang member, a decorated police officer brothers and their family when successive tragedies throw them into a dramatic and toxic struggle.

    • The Smiths (Political Drama – Thriller) (graphic novel style)
    • Tone: The Crow, Sin City


  • *Finished screenplay

    A political assassin turns against the system and commits one last act of martyrdom.

    • Heart of Glass- The true story of Saul Alcarez (Doc and Feature) 

      *Sizzle shot


      Based on the life of world renowned glass maker Saul Alcarez, his harrowing journey from a troubled youth in Mexico, to a homeless life in Santa Barbara, CA. Meeting and marrying his soul mate, finishing college and becoming a world renown glass artist, teacher and mentor.

Journalism & Contributions

Jimmy is a contributing writer for ICG, HDvideo Pro, and InCinematographer as well as contributing to the VES Handbook for his expertise in High Speed Cinematography.