Jimmy Matlosz





Life on Earth:

(Sci-Fi/Romance: Shape of Water meets Arrival)

Inspired by the Award-winning Short film, The Online Date:  A SY/FY Feature Film about Keith (30's) An overworked design architect who is abducted by an exotic alien hybrid Chynna (late20's) and taken away to a foreign land, the harrowing experience triggers self realization and a mind expansion which accelerates his creativity; however in the desperate attempt to escape, a unique attraction develops between this earthbound man and his amorous alien abductor.

Link to The Online Date


Life on Earth is the story of Keith (35) an overworked interior design architect based in LA, who is drowning in work and has no time for a life. He meets the exotic Chynna (28) who intrigues him enough to take out on a date. The date goes awry when Keith learns that Chynna is an Alien hybrid and she has him abducted in a space ship. Through the harrowing experience of the abduction Keith’s mind is altered, he transcends which opens his mind and creative thoughts. However the fact that he has been abducted by aliens is still an issue, so Keith escapes into the deep dark forest where his captors have set themselves up here on earth. Through his next journey to return home, he rediscovers himself, when Chynna finds him she reveals the secret of the aliens here on earth. Keith and Chynna then form a unique bond with a future that is uncertain but promising.